ACCC releases Spring 2021 Spectator Policy

The goal of the Alabama Community College Conference (Conference) is to provide the safest Game Day environment for our members, teams, spectators, and more importantly, student-athletes. The Conference has been working in conjunction with Conference presidents, athletic directors, and the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) to keep Conference member campuses, facilities, and individuals safe and within CDC, State of Alabama, and local guidelines. It is more important now than ever that all of us follow these guidelines and recommendations so that we all may stay safe and continue playing throughout the 2021 spring semester.

As the members and teams of the Conference begin participating in official regular season events, the Conference is pleased to release spectator attendance guidance for all events. For indoor sports (basketball/volleyball), there will be NO spectators allowed through Saturday, February 13. At that time, the Conference will re-evaluate, and make an announcement on spectator allowance moving forward. For outdoor sports (baseball/golf/softball/tennis), fans will be allowed, while following the guidance below.

The Conference is requiring that spectators not spectate at a Conference event from the stands and/or in close-proximity to any event activities. Close-proximity is defined as being physically near any home or away teams, team personnel, and game officials before, during, or following the event.

Enforcement will be the responsibility of the host institution or facility. Individual institutions and /or host facilities may adopt additional procedures and protocols consistent with their specific needs and circumstances to help protect their team personnel, campus, and the health and safety of all in attendance. These guidelines are meant to mitigate, not eliminate the spreading of COVID-19.

Minimum guidelines are as follows:

  • Spectators may not spectate at a Conference event from the stands and/or in close-proximity to any event activities. Close-proximity is defined as being physically near any home or away teams, team personnel and game officials before, during, or following the event;

  • Spectators are required to follow CDC, Alabama Department of Public Health, and local health and campus guidelines;

  • Spectators who are exhibiting signs of illness or Covid-19 related symptoms are prohibited from attending events;

  • Restrictions on attendance will continue to be subject to national, state, local, and campus conditions and guidelines;

  • Specific spectator, team and umpire/official/referee entry and exit points must be clearly labeled for arriving and departing the facility and sufficient traffic flow;

  • Proper signage should be at entry points for spectators that articulates expectations related to:

  • Proper social distancing and personal hygiene; and

  • Mask requirements;

  • Younger children must remain with their parent or guardian throughout the event;

  • Spectators shall not congregate within six-feet of a person from another household, except to the extent necessary—and only to the extent necessary;

  • While entering, exiting, and walking the facility, spectators must wear a mask or other facial covering that covers the nostrils and mouth at all times, and while within 6 feet of a person from another household.;

  • When feasible, spectators must use separate restrooms from team personnel;

  • Plenty of hand sanitizer stations should be available on the premises;

  • Spectators are not allowed inside the fence (baseball/softball), or locker rooms for any reason;

  • At the conclusion of the event, spectators must immediately exit the facility through defined exits or confines of the field. No loitering will be allowed;

  • Conference teams and personnel are to follow all Conference Return to Play Guidelines before, during, and after event.

* Conference members are allowed to establish stricter policies than stated above, including prohibiting spectators from the facilities.

For communication purposes, it is highly recommended that the visiting team athletic director/coach confirm spectator allowance with the host member/facility and forward that information to all team supporters, and make visible on available social media and websites.

"As we prepare for an unprecedented spring, we are putting our Conference members, teams, coaches, and student-athletes in the best possible position to begin their seasons, and have them continue," stated Commissioner Dean Myrick. "It is our hope and desire to slowly implement spectator allowance for our indoor sports, and will put much thought and consideration into the reassessment. We sincerely thank our supporters for their patience and understanding."

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